Should You Invest in an Online Ordering System For Your Restaurant?

It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to your particular niche industry. If you’re running a restaurant and you’ve been doing that for some time, it can be difficult to try something new. After all, it was difficult enough as it was to get everything working in the first place. Plus, if you think of yourself as a local store, so it might seem superfluous to add an online portal.

I’m here to tell you that you should try it! We did and the results were amazing. This is my review of the NetWaiter: Online Ordering System for Restaurants.

The Truth About Online Ordering

The truth of the matter though, is that online ordering is now an essential part of the restaurant business if you want to compete. Just about every other restaurant or takeout place around is going to have this, so you really need to follow suit if you want to stay up to date with the times.  For some more fast food style restaurants, take out may be as much as half the entire business model.

And much of that is going to be done online. The key with many aspects of the hospitality business, such as with restaurants, is that you have to remove as many trivial inconveniences as possible.

Features to Look For-Direct Payments


If you do decide to go with an online ordering service, there are a few key features you should think about checking for before you decide on which one you ultimately want to go with in the end. For example, one handy feature for some restaurants is direct payments.

This means that when customers use the service to pay for things, the money they use goes straight into your bank account directly. This helps to expedite your business since many other services make you go through another route first, like PayPal.

Not only does this slow down your business since you have to wait, but it also can be a risk since sometimes the non-direct payment services can dispute your account and hold funds in your account against your will.

Social Media Integration


Having an online service that integrates well with social media services like Facebook and Twitter can also be useful. After all, there are more social media users every day, so that is a lot of potential customers, even on a local level. Another important thing to note about this is that many online ordering services have their own marketing in place so they could help you to get customers through social media outlets as well.

Mobile Users


It’s a fact that many people take out their phones when thy think about ordering food. If you can make it easy for them to find your restaurant through an online ordering service’s app, and additionally make it easy for them to make the order, this will go a long way to getting you new business as well.


After all, this is another one of those trivial inconveniences. Some people aren’t going to want to hunt around looking for food, and they may not want to go through the bother of making a phone call. But the Internet is something just about everyone is comfortable within our present society. This is especially true with mobile Internet users.


Overall, an online ordering service can revolutionize how you get orders from your customers, and boost your sales by a significant amount as well.