My Favorite Ways To Wake Up

If you know anything about me, than you know how hard it is for me to fall asleep. Between running a business, my anxiety, putting my own children to bed, and a lot more, I am usually exhausted (yet, cannot sleep).

I’ve been searching high and low for ways to cure my insomnia and in my quest I came across remarkable ways to wake-up in the morning. While coffee used to be (and still is) one of my favorites, I’ve found a few “tricks” to help ease your body and brain into waking up in the morning.

1. Go for a 20 minute run.

Running was a huge part of my life when I was younger. In fact, I competed in the junior Olympics. As I grew older, began my own business, and settled down to have my children, I gave up running. It was around this time that I realized it was a lot harder for me to wake up in the morning. When I put two and two together, I realized that the reason I felt so sluggish in the morning was because my body was used to the endorphin high!

Once I started getting a brief run in every morning, I felt wide awake for the rest of the day. I encourage you to run or start your day with exercise (even just 15 minutes). I promise it will make a big different.

2. Drink organic coffee

During college was when I discovered the miracle drink that is coffee. Since then I have lived on it. However, I noticed something strange one day. A few hours after drinking coffee from my favorite organic coffee shop, I decided to pick up another cup from a franchise coffee shop (I will keep their name anonymous). As soon as I finished the coffee I felt different – slugish and tired, like my brain was fuzzy. It turns out that all the ingredients/preservatives¬†the franchises¬†use to keep their coffee fresh aren’t so good for you. Organic coffee is fresher and has more pure ingredients. This makes it a much healthier option.

3. Take a cold shower

Okay, this one was hard to get used to but I promise you it works. Taking a cold shower wasn’t something that I stumbled upon. If you can believe it, my dermatologist recommended it. Why? I used to breakout pretty bad on my shoulders. My dermatologist told me that by taking hot showers I was stripping the hydrating layer above my skin, making it dry. And since the heat opens pores, it allowed a lot of bacteria to get in. I tried it a few times and not only did it help my skin clear up, I felt phenomenal after it!