5 Ways To Relax Quickly

The feeling of relaxation is of great essence to anyone. You definitely deserve to keep your body relaxed most of the time.  When you are relaxed, feelings of stress, depression, anxiety and tiredness go through the window! Again, you do not need a spa weekend or a retreat for you to feel relaxed. Every other day you need to make sure that your stress levels is down and that you can focus on issues that make you a better person.

1. Exercise 

A few minutes of exercise every day will help a lot in easing the feeling of anxiety.  Research suggests that meditation is able to alter the brain’s neural ways thereby making them more resilient to stress.  Simply sit up straight with both of your feet on the floor, close your eyes, and then focus your attention on reciting something that interests you.

2. Breathe Freely

The way you breathe means a lot when you want to relax quickly. Focusing on breathing when you are exercising or doing yoga is of great essence. Take time to inhale air through your nose in a relaxed manner and feel it as it flows into your system.  Reverse this process and then exhale the air through your mouth.  Research shows that deep breathing helps to counter the effects of stress mainly by slowing the heart rate and also lowering blood pressure.

3. Focus On Your Senses

Exercising your senses and putting them at work is an important element to think about when you want to relax quickly.  This is what is commonly referred to as behavior awareness.  Take note of how air feels when it comes in contact with your body and how your feet feel when they are hitting the ground.  Also enjoy the texture of every bite of food that you take. When you spend a good amount of time on focusing on your 5 main senses, you will be able to feel less tense.

4. Focus On Your Social Network

Your social network is one of the main tools that you can use to handle stress effectively.  To avoid stress and feel relaxed, you will need to talk to others, preferably face to face and even on phone. Share what is troubling you and see if they can be of help.  You can get a better perspective of life when you are connected to people even at the times when you are stressed.

5. Scan Your Body Mentally

To relieve stress and feel relax, experts advise that you should mentally scan your body so as to get a good sense of how stress affects you on a daily basis.  Simply lie on your back or sit with your feet on the floor and then start thinking deep.  You can start with the toes as you work up your body so that you can notice how your body feels.

If you are always in the office or in class, good posture is vital in ensuring you feel relaxed and less stressed.  Sitting up straight on your desk and dropping your shoulders helps to keep the body in good shape.  When your body is in good posture, you are able to take in more oxygen and you will be able to perform better when you are handling stressful activities.